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No Name podcast #1

Update: The No Name podcast podcast is now called China Punks.  Find our new blog here.

Charlie and I are starting a new podcast series in which we discuss current events in tech, China, and culture (especially books, video games, and TV series.)

For the first episode, we discuss exactly those topics: namely (roughly in this order), child kidnapping in China, the iPhone 4s, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and the revolt going on in Wukan as we speak.

Wukan is an ongoing story first broken by Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph. As of this writing, this article should be the latest. Charlie is also following it on his blog,

Download No Name #1  and let us know what you think. Any good ideas for a name? I’m thinking something like We are the Fenqingers 我们是愤青人儿


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