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Apple v Proview with Stan Abrams, Part Deux

Recorded on July 13, 2012

The settlement has been made: Apple paid 60 million USD to get Proview off their back.  The IP case of the century (that had nothing to do with intellectual property) is finally over.

I talked with Stan Abrams a few months ago and he speculated on some of the possible outcomes, the way the case was and would play out, as well as giving me a crash course in China’s legal system.  You can find that episode here. I do recommend listening to a little bit as there’s some really good background on the specifics and context of the original case and dispute.

This edition, we talk about some of the ramifications and conclusions, if any, that can be drawn from Apple’s settlement.

Download Apple v Proview with Stan Abrams, Part Deux

Apple faces new legal challenge in China

Thuggish Victory? China Debates Apple’s $60m ‘iPad’ Payout

Enter the Snow Leopard: Apple’s Next China Trademark Dispute?

Apple, Proview Settle on 60 Million for iPad Trademark


Huawei and China’s Telecoms Industry with David Wolf

Updated to include link for download.  Downloading now works.

Recorded on May 21, 2011

For this edition of Artman Talks, we’re speaking with David Wolf about his new book Making the Connection: The Peaceful Rise of China’s Telecommunications Giants.

In our discussion, we focus on the importance of China’s telecom history, the role of client-centered innovation, as well as Huawei and their current image problem.

We also get to hear David go beyond the book to look at the future of Huawei’s development and some of the things they (and other Chinese telecoms manufacturers) can do to continue their aggressive international expansion.

Most surprising fact for me:  For both Huawei and ZTE, due to local preconceptions of poor domestic quality, only a minority of their business comes from China.

Follow David on Twitter: @wolfgroupasia and keep up with his latest insights on his blog Silicon Hutong

Download or Stream Artman Talks 22

Luxury, Brands, and Consumer Behavior with Paul French

Recorded on February 4, 2012

Google gives quite a few definition of brands and I’ll give you a few:

  1. A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name
    • – a new brand of detergent
  2. A brandname
    • – the company will market computer software under its own brand
  3. An identifying mark burned on livestock or (esp. formerly) criminals or slaves with a branding iron

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No Name podcast #1

Update: The No Name podcast podcast is now called China Punks.  Find our new blog here.

Charlie and I are starting a new podcast series in which we discuss current events in tech, China, and culture (especially books, video games, and TV series.)

For the first episode, we discuss exactly those topics: namely (roughly in this order), child kidnapping in China, the iPhone 4s, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and the revolt going on in Wukan as we speak.

Wukan is an ongoing story first broken by Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph. As of this writing, this article should be the latest. Charlie is also following it on his blog,

Download No Name #1  and let us know what you think. Any good ideas for a name? I’m thinking something like We are the Fenqingers 我们是愤青人儿

Baidu Yi is not a Freaking Fork with Kaiser Kuo

For this episode, we are joined by Kaiser Kuo, international communications director of Baidu.

Your truly suspects that Kaiser might actually be a spy (I mean, he DID go to UC Berkeley ), but good for us that doesn’t affect him as the go-to-guy for English speakers interested in what Baidu is up to (maybe it actually helps?).

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