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The podcast with No Name #2

Episode 2 of the podcast yet to be christened is here. Update: The No Name podcast podcast is now called China Punks.  Find our new blog here.

We get a better internet connection (kind of) and stay a little bit more on focused when it comes to topics.

We talk about some of the biggest news (no not Euro nonsense) to hit this side of the world: the death of Kim Jong-il. A crazy guy, who apparently wanted to be a movie director, left behind a son only recently declared heir to rule the country. What’s next for North Korea and China? We’re not sure, but we do discuss some of the possibilities.

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Our China story, bubbles, and current market trends with Kai Lukoff

This week I talk with Kai Lukoff, editor-in-chief at iChinaStock, a site focusing on China tech stocks and co-founder of TechRice, a blog focusing on tech in China

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