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Apple v Proview with Stan Abrams, Part Deux

Recorded on July 13, 2012

The settlement has been made: Apple paid 60 million USD to get Proview off their back.  The IP case of the century (that had nothing to do with intellectual property) is finally over.

I talked with Stan Abrams a few months ago and he speculated on some of the possible outcomes, the way the case was and would play out, as well as giving me a crash course in China’s legal system.  You can find that episode here. I do recommend listening to a little bit as there’s some really good background on the specifics and context of the original case and dispute.

This edition, we talk about some of the ramifications and conclusions, if any, that can be drawn from Apple’s settlement.

Download Apple v Proview with Stan Abrams, Part Deux

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Smartphone Wars with Brian Hall

This week Artman talks with Brian Hall from Smartphone Wars about exactly that:  the battle for the emerging market of smartphones and the role that China plays.

Download the interview here.

And in case you’ve taken issue with some of the numbers Brian gives us, he’s sent an email explaining.

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