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Android Messes, Application Stores, and App Annie with Bertrand Schmitt

For this episode of Artman Talks, we’re speaking with Betrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie. He’s going to tell us what a pain in a** working with Android can be….. among other things.

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Getting some real networking done with Robbie Hsiung

For this installment, we’re talking with Robbie Hsiung, founder and CEO of Zaizher IM.

Professional social networking hasn’t quite caught on here in China. No matter what Ushi  or Tianji  might say, there just isn’t much of a base (or a site with a brand similar to LinkdedIn) for professional SNS. BUT that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of potential and commensurate huge amounts of room for growth.

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Forking Android with Michael Kan

Two episodes back-to-back, bam bam bam, this week.

First we’re speaking with Michael Kan about the Android environment in China.

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Mobile applications, their platforms and their developers with Kim-Mai Cutler

This week I talk with Kim-Mai Cutler, writer for Inside Network Mobile Apps. We talk about mobile applications in China, the developers, and the platforms behind them.

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