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Huawei and China’s Telecoms Industry with David Wolf

Updated to include link for download.  Downloading now works.

Recorded on May 21, 2011

For this edition of Artman Talks, we’re speaking with David Wolf about his new book Making the Connection: The Peaceful Rise of China’s Telecommunications Giants.

In our discussion, we focus on the importance of China’s telecom history, the role of client-centered innovation, as well as Huawei and their current image problem.

We also get to hear David go beyond the book to look at the future of Huawei’s development and some of the things they (and other Chinese telecoms manufacturers) can do to continue their aggressive international expansion.

Most surprising fact for me:  For both Huawei and ZTE, due to local preconceptions of poor domestic quality, only a minority of their business comes from China.

Follow David on Twitter: @wolfgroupasia and keep up with his latest insights on his blog Silicon Hutong

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Weibo, Rumors, and Real Name Registraion with Jeremy Goldkorn

Update: Jeremy has recommended some users on Weibo. Find list below.

Recorded on May 1, 2012

For this edition of Artman Talks, we’re speaking with Jeremy Goldkorn, of Danwei fame, about weibo’s positioning in the Chinese market as well as some speculation over Sina Weibo’s future and how real name registration plays into this.

The main takeaway is twofold:

  1. Real name registration has been tried before and didn’t work.  Ergo, there’s no reason it should work this time, nor should we expect it to.
  2. The government won’t shut down Sina Weibo, because Sina does such a good job of cleaning up unwanted posts.

Have a listen yourself and let us know what you think.

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More Background

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Jeremy’s Weibo Recommendations

Xiaomi vs WebOS with Kane Gao

Okay, this took waaay too long to get up.  Actually, I’ve had it edited for the last week or so, but just couldn’t get around to uploading and posting it.

So, if you’ve been wondering where Artman Talks went, well, nowhere.  This is the problem when your passion has to take a backseat to that which enables your ability to provide for your family (ie a job that pays money.)

Anyway here it is.

If you use Twitter and follow China tech, more than likely you’ve seen Kane’s tweets or spoken with him.  Other than a few notable exceptions, he’s probably the most prolific tech-related tweeter and his job has nothing to do with tech!  He should be a blogger, no?

In this eighteenth installment of Artman Talks, I interrogate Kane about why he is using a dead OS, what he thinks of WP7, and the coming fight between Xiaomi and Meizu, both phones and Android forks made in China, for China.

The podcast with No Name #2

Episode 2 of the podcast yet to be christened is here. Update: The No Name podcast podcast is now called China Punks.  Find our new blog here.

We get a better internet connection (kind of) and stay a little bit more on focused when it comes to topics.

We talk about some of the biggest news (no not Euro nonsense) to hit this side of the world: the death of Kim Jong-il. A crazy guy, who apparently wanted to be a movie director, left behind a son only recently declared heir to rule the country. What’s next for North Korea and China? We’re not sure, but we do discuss some of the possibilities.

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Baidu Yi is not a Freaking Fork with Kaiser Kuo

For this episode, we are joined by Kaiser Kuo, international communications director of Baidu.

Your truly suspects that Kaiser might actually be a spy (I mean, he DID go to UC Berkeley ), but good for us that doesn’t affect him as the go-to-guy for English speakers interested in what Baidu is up to (maybe it actually helps?).

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