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Apple v Proview with Stan Abrams

Recorded Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you’re a fellow China watcher, then more than likely you’ve come across Stan Abrams, AKA chinahearsay.

As we allude to at the beginning, Stan has been here a long time.  I like to (with full knowledge of falsity in most cases) boast that I’ve been in China longer than you; with Stan there’s not even room for even a hairsbreadth of consideration that this might be true.

And, luckily for us, Stan isn’t just a lawyer, but also an educator.  This is important as educators (as least good ones) love to educate.  And so, we have his blog and this episode of Artman Talks.

As the title above suggests, Stan gives us a lesson in Chinese commercial dispute cases via Apple’s fight against Proview, a bankrupt monitor manufacturer.  According to Stan, this is not an IP case and we’ll learn more about that in the podcast.

Also, we mentioned some interesting tidbits about Proview as a company and some of their products and current situation.  To find out more,  I recommend looking the recent coverage MIC Gadget has been doing on them.

Download or Stream AT 20: Apple V Proview with Stan Abrams

Update:  Proview’s CEO has opened a Weibo page and says he will update with details of their case.  Thanks to Bill Bishop.


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