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Android Messes, Application Stores, and App Annie with Bertrand Schmitt

For this episode of Artman Talks, we’re speaking with Betrand Schmitt, CEO of App Annie. He’s going to tell us what a pain in a** working with Android can be….. among other things.

App Annie is yet another great example of an internationally focused company based in China. Helped along by the same incubator (ExoWeb) as Happy Latte, a mobile gaming company also based in China, started as a way to help ExoWeb get more data on its investments.

App Annie is only for iOS at the moment, but they will be rolling out support for Android sometime soon with Windows Phone 7 support sometime in the beginning of 2012. Not surprisingly, iOS is a lot easier to gather data from, but not necessarily for reasons you might assume.

App Annie provides a few different services, but all for the purposes of giving publishers better and clearer analytics. The free stuff is quite simple, but the paid services can get quite complicated when it comes to pricing. It all depends on what kind of data, specifically, and which app stores (read: countries) you want to gather data from.

Towards the end of the conversation, we really start getting into some of Bertrand’s passions: namely Apple’s localization of the App Store for China and the evergreen topic of phones and their operating systems.

Oh, phones… we can talk about them all day.

Download the conversation and let us know what you think.

Coming up next, we’ll be talking with Kaiser Kuo, international communications director for Baidu, about how their new Yi platform is not an OS or a freaking fork. Stay tuned!


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