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Getting some real networking done with Robbie Hsiung

For this installment, we’re talking with Robbie Hsiung, founder and CEO of Zaizher IM.

Professional social networking hasn’t quite caught on here in China. No matter what Ushi  or Tianji  might say, there just isn’t much of a base (or a site with a brand similar to LinkdedIn) for professional SNS. BUT that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a ton of potential and commensurate huge amounts of room for growth.

Zaizher IM is trying something a little different. First, its not a platform. Second, it mainly for you mobile phone/smart device. They launched the website last week haven’t launched their website version yet, but its in the works.

Its set around events and location. Using the app, you can “sign up” for events and then see who else will be there and plan face-to-face meetings while at that event. If you’re not going to an event, you can just open the app and see who’s around (the default is 20 km.)

AND, it doesn’t try to be a platform (for recruitment or anything else). If you want to keep in touch, you can use the in-app chat or follow the contact on Weibo.

The most interesting thing about the application, for me, is that people are seem to be using differently than it was intended. As you’ll hear in podcast, the demographic is what the Zaizher team seems to be aiming for, but how and when they use it has nothing to do with events.

Click here to download, listen, and find out more.

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