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Tradesparq with Michael Kleist, Founder

This week we talk with Michael Kleist about his business, TradeSparq, a great example of a company created first as a way to solve a problem and THEN to make money.

Yours truly had never done any real research pertaining to Alibaba, China’s B2B sourcing site, as its never been an exactly exciting area of technology. However, Michael Kleist takes that idea and applies a Web 2.0 lens thus, as with any good lesson, making sourcing exciting (or as about exciting as it could possibly get.)

Personally, after learning more about what TradeSparq does, I’m surprised that someone else hasn’t started doing it already (kind of like that beautiful girl at the bar all alone, know what I mean? Or am I just digging a hole…. ok, I’ll stop).

Decentralization, crowdsourcing, and democritaztion, etc are some of the things that I really love about the Internet and that’s what TradeSparq does. Instead of relying purely on how big (ie amount of cash to burn) a supplier is (a la Alibaba), you use your already established networks to decide on who to buy.

Oh! And they’re hiring xD

To find out more, listen to episode 14. You can download it here.

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Extra reading:

Kai Lukoff, at TechRice, did a profile on the site awhile back.

Gang Lu, at TechNode, also profiled them


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