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Mobile applications, their platforms and their developers with Kim-Mai Cutler

This week I talk with Kim-Mai Cutler, writer for Inside Network Mobile Apps. We talk about mobile applications in China, the developers, and the platforms behind them.

I apologize for my voice quality. Apparently, 10 Mbps in China doesn’t count for very much. But, lucky enough, Kim’s voice comes through quite clearly and, lets be honest, no one likes listening to me ramble on.

Kim was here in September do research and attend what was supposed to be a big social mobile conference.  It was her first time to China so we explore some of the bigger global trends and, specifically, how these are playing out in China, particularly when it comes to mobile apps and their developers.

Download episode 10 here

Next week, I’ll be speaking with Michael Kan, from IDG, about the splinters in the Android market here in China.  Stay tuned!

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