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Accelerators, incubators, startups, and entrepreneurship in China with Cyril Ebersweiler

For our eighth episode, I talk with Cyril Ebersweiler, venture partner at SOS Ventures and founder of Chinaccelerator, a (you guessed it) start-up accelerator based in Dalian.

We talk about how he got to China and why decided to stay.  Turns out, he’s just like the rest of us crazy long-term expats.

Also, he talks a little about how Carrefour taught him some valuable lessons as an intern about being an entrepreneur and the importance of having a guide.

We then apply some of those lessons to Chinaccelerator as a company, its role in the start-up ecosystem, as well as why in the world they’re based in Dalian.  I mean, where the heck is that place, anyway?

And, of course, the podcast wouldn’t be complete without asking the question:  Is Beijing (or rather perhaps disparate parts of China together) East Asia’s Silicon Valley?

All this and more on Artman Talks, episode 08.

Download the audio here.

Coming soon, I’ll be talking with Frank Yu about games, gamification, and Kwestr, a company currently being helped by Chinaccelerator

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