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Our China story, bubbles, and current market trends with Kai Lukoff

This week I talk with Kai Lukoff, editor-in-chief at iChinaStock, a site focusing on China tech stocks and co-founder of TechRice, a blog focusing on tech in China

Kai and I have talked about the goings on in the tech scene in China before, but haven’t really had a chance to introduce ourselves. Turns out we’re both fairly new China hands, but have found it fairly natural just to jump in head-first.

We talk about straddling the two worlds of traditional and new media as well as blogs and podcasts focused on China.

Download here

We also talk about the current market trends. When Kai and I last talked, there was lots of buzz over the IPOs of Ren Ren and LinkedIn. At the time, speculation abounded, in both mainstream and online media, as to whether there was a bubble in the tech market. However, since then we haven’t heard very much.

Note: P/E stands for price-to-earnings ratio, where price refers to the price of the stock.

Extra reading from TechRice:
Sleeping in Internet Cafes: The Next 300 Million Chinese Users [Slideshare]
Why We Are Not in a Tech Bubble by Frank Yu
Chinese Social Media Lessons from a Japanese Porn Star
The Story of W&L: China’s Great Internet Divide (a must read for people looking to understand China’s internet)


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